Bringing you the best in live entertainment
for more than 40 years!

For 40 years, Brian Pombiere Entertainment (BPE) has been involved in not only representing venues and artists, but shaping the musical and entertainment landscape.

BPE is well known on the club scene, booking the finest talent into the best venues country wide. It is this insight and expertise that we bring to the Wedding Events and Corporate Events. Our roster of incredibly diverse and talented musicians offers you an unparalleled selection in Toronto, the GTA and Southern Ontario.

Our many years of experience results in ease of planning live music for your event. From the selection of the acts, to production and timing requirements, to contract negotiations and until the act hits the stage on your big day, BPE will support you every step of the way.

About Brian Pombiere

Brian is a well-known name in the Canadian Music Industry. For many years he has served the needs of musicians and clients alike. He has been an integral part of the music business for many years from management, production and now booking.

Brian began his career in Toronto, then moved to Montreal to build a major booking agency and management project with his business partner, David Byrne. In 1982, Brian relocated back to Toronto.

Since 1982, Brian Pombiere Productions, now Brian Pombiere Entertainment Inc, has continued to grow and stay in touch with ever-changing musical and entertainment directions. Brian and his current business partner, Mark Franklin, have the ability to assist their corporate and wedding clients in selecting just the right entertainment package for your unique engagement.

Honesty and integrity are the chief hallmarks of this company's longevity in this ever changing business.

About Mark Franklin

Mark Franklin started in the music business as an agent and band manager. He left the music business to pursue education. He graduated from the Ontario College of Art, University of Toronto and then Queens University with a Bachelor of Education. Mark taught art, tech and design at high school for many years before joining Brian at BPE.

Mark brings insight to the music business enriched by his years in education and design, while having a deep understanding of the music business. He respects proper procedure and process, which lead to successful outcomes for all parties concerned. He brings vision and creativity that is highlighted by the dynamic roster BPE offers its clients.

"We ensure that BPE presents the very best entertainment at the right price for all occasions. We do this in an honest and clearly documented manner" Mark