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Examples of our Corporate Event artists...

Groove Marmalade - medley

Andria Simone - Never Been to Spain

Katherine Wheatley - The Original Hallelujah

Julian Taylor - Smile

BPM KREW - medley

Jay Douglas - Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah

Mudmen - Drink & Fight

Motown Mania - Stop in the Name of Love

Making it easy!

Understanding your needs, providing the best entertainment package to make your event a success...

We know you feel pressure to get the best return on investment possible for your tight budget. Not only do you need to control costs, you also need to find entertainment that will rock your employees’ world. After all, if they don't love it, your event fails and your budget has been wasted.

We can help! BPE understands how to create a successful Corporate Event from project planning to execution. We will help you to identify your entertainment needs and balance your employees’ and your accountants’ specifications!

With our large and varied roster of professional entertainers, we can provide you with the perfect act to fit your group's unique style and tastes—to help them let loose and forget about Monday morning meetings, conference calls, and tight help them feel their successes sink in...and to leave feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and appreciated.

You can be sure that the entertainment package we present will meet your needs—including staging and audio-video production. We work closely with social conveners and event-planning staff.

Our job is two-fold:
Make it easy
Make your event a success!

How do I choose the right act for my event?

First, browse through the Live Acts on our site, watch and listen to the music samples. Then, contact us! We'll help you to review your options and pricing, provide you with additional samples, and often the opportunity to see the performers of your choice live in action before you make a final decision.

We're confident that we can help you to find the perfect entertainment to make your Corporate Event a success!

Experience our Live Acts...