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Celtic Rock

Plays: Corporate Events

Always entertaining and definitely unique, The Mudmen are a blast of Celtic energy whose members are known to be characters both on and off stage. The band, formed in 1998 by Sandy and Rob Campbell (a.k.a. "The Campbell Brothers"), initially signed with EMI Records in 2000 with then frontman Zoy Nicoles. Best known for their singles "5 O'clock", "Saturday", and "Drink and Fight", their music has been featured on XBox and Playstation games, NBC's television show "Black Donnellys", WWE Wrestling, Don Cherry's hockey videos and six music videos on Much Music.

The Mudmen have appeared on CBC television many times including multiple live performances on Parliament Hill for Canada Day festivities (including performing for and meeting the Queen in 2010), The McKenzie Brothers special, the recording of the new Hockey Night in Canada theme song, and much more.

The Mudmen have 5 studio albums and have opened for ZZTop, The Guess Who, Biff Naked, Nazareth, Finger Eleven and many more. The Mudmen have toured Canada, U.S.A. and Europe and are best described as fun.


  • Signed to EMI Records from 2000-2005
  • Reached #19 on the Edge Radio with a song called "Saturday"
  • 6 Music Video's on Much Music in medium rotation
  • Performed on the new "Hockey Night in Canada" theme song on CBC-Ron McLean quotes "Mudmen we love em" - 2009
  • Canada Day on Parliament Hill, CBC televised and shook hands with The Queen - 2010- Ron McLean quotes "Johnny Reid and my good friends The Campbell Brothers"
  • Edmonton Oilers home Opener televised - 2009
  • The Canadian Country Music Awards with Johnny Reid, his PBS Special and his 3 month tour (as the Campbell Brothers) 2010
  • The Commonwealth Stadium with George Canyon - for all the Gold medals in Men's and Women's Hockey in the Olympics - 2010
  • A song in WWE Wrestling for "The Highlanders"
  • Opened for The Guess Who, Nazareth, ZZ Top, Biff Naked, Finger Eleven, April Wine, Treble Charger etc
  • Don Cherry's Rock em Sock em 9, 19 and 20 and 5 Rose Cherry Funds
  • The McKenzie Brothers 24 anniversary, CBC
  • The Mirvish production of Needfire-with John McDermott, Denny Doherty (Moma's and Papa's) the Irish Descendants
  • Several Walk of Fame ceremonies - Eugene Levy, Martin Short, Paul Shaffer, Celine Dione, Neil Young, William Shatner, Gordon Lightfoot, etc
  • Corporate events including -Coca Cola, Walmart, Rona, The Investors Group, Parks Canada, The Weed Man, M&M Meats, Sprint, Kodak, etc
  • Tourism Canada
  • Music for all the Black Donnelly commercials on NBC
  • The song "Animal" on AE Sports games Burnout 3 and MX verses ATV
  • Music on the television show Oil Change - 2011

Photograph of Mudmen

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