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Julian Taylor

Folk - Rock

Plays: Weddings, Wedding Receptions, Corporate Events, Private Parties, Community Events, Stag & Does, Festivals, Colleges & Universities

A truly gifted and veteran performer, he seems to be in his element when he is up on the stage?where his natural musicality really shines. Julian's songs are poetic observations that continually breathe and shine with new life and relevance.

A true music fan, Julian's sound is a culmination of every musical genre that has touched him throughout his life. Equal parts troubadour and soul singer, he has a raw tone and intense delivery reminiscent of those who have come before him.

In Julian's music, there is an underlying sense of goodwill and camaraderie, as Julian pays homage to the artists that have influenced him while forging his own path through the Canadian musical landscape. While listening to Julian Taylor you will discover beauty, intensity, and an unmistakable grace.


Two years in the making, his debut solo album Blank Tape Levy is a collection of nine carefully crafted and produced songs.

The first version of the album was stolen while still in progress. In late 2007, a few hooligans broke into the studio where it was being recorded and made away with as much gear as they could get their hands on; the hard drives that were incubating the original master were gone, and the album vanished.

JT and producer Ed Zych were forced to re-record the album from scratch. Blank Tape Levy was finally completed on Feb 4th, 2009. The result is an incredibly rich, wonderfully layered record full of warmth and emotion.

Signed to Warner by the age of 19, Julian has his share of stories from being actively involved in the music industry for the past 15 years. As the lead singer of Toronto's own Staggered Crossing since the age of 14, he has toured across Canada more than a half dozen times, and has enjoyed the rewarding successes that come from witnessing a lifelong dream blossom into fruition. In 2003, Julian Taylor founded Bent Penny Records-a Toronto-based indie label dedicated to helping great independent artists.

Photograph of Julian Taylor

Julian Taylor - "Catch and Release"

Julian Taylor - "Human Nature"

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