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World Music

Eccodek is Canadian producer, remixer and multi-instrumentalist, Andrew McPherson. But more than that, it is the tapestry of sound created when a producer, inspired singers and gifted multi-instrumentalists from the four corners of the globe find a common love for dub, funk, jazz and cinematic electronics. With Remixtasy, Eccodek returns with a sprawling, 14-track opus they call a remixtrospective-a journey through their first 3 albums guided by a tastemaker's list of remixers and producers reimagining tracks from More Africa in Us, Voices Have Eyes and the Juno-nominated Shivaboom.

Trailblazers like Transglobal Underground, Six Degrees' Jef Stott, Dubmatix, EarthRise SoundSystem, Real World's Syriana and Adham Shaikh rub shoulders with fresh sounds from Sub Swara's Sharmaji, Four80East, Delhi 2 Dublin's TSpoon and Rise Ashen. Eccodek mainman Andrew McPherson even works up 2 radical redubs from the first album-an Afrobeat throwdown and a sensuous Steppers dub odyssey. Remixtasy moves from dub, funk, techno, reggae, lo-fi electro to Middle-Eastern, Afrobeat, Rockers, Asian Massive and beyond.

Eccodek's earthy blend of global beats, soaring melodies and textured electronica has quickly established the project as a significant voice on the global fusion stage-an appearance on the world renowned global chill series, Buddha Bar, a remix for world music's second coming, Vieux Farka Touré and the distinction of being the only Canadian contributor to National Geographic's GeoRemix project are just a few distinctions that have put Eccodek on the proverbial map.

2003 saw the beginning of the story with the release of the dubby and hypnotic More Africa in Us. It's fresh blend of electronics and powerful voices from Mali and Rwanda put 'More Africa...' on permanent repeat across Canadian campus and CBC radio and slipped onto the playlists of many a tastemaker south of the border (KCRW, Global Rhythm). The now fully functioning 6-piece band was asked to record live for a national broadcast after only their 1st show. It seemed the word was spreading.

2005 birthed 'Voices Have Eyes', a decidedly more propulsive album, with a far broader cultural reach, vocally and instrumentally. Inspired in part by an eye-popping trip to Fiji, 'Voices...' is marked by heavier grooves, greater input from the now seasoned live band and a wicked lineup of singers. After the independent release and touring of 'Voices...', U.S. based White Swan World Records came calling in 2006 with an offer to re-release both albums internationally. In early 2007 they won a Canadian Independent Music Award for Favourite World Artist.

2008 saw the release of Shivaboom, the third chapter in this cross-cultural dialogue. Dubbed by the Boston Globe 'a sonic architect', Eccodek ups the musical ante with lush, aural panoramas, dubwise mixology, air-tight grooves and otherworldly melodies. As with all of Eccodek's releases, Shivaboom echoes the ancient past while keeping a conscious, culturally inclusive eye to the future.

Photograph of Eccodek

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