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Andria Simone

Pop/Dance, Dance, R&B, Soul, Jazz, Solo Musician

Plays: Wedding Receptions, Corporate Events, Private Parties, Community Events, Bar Mitzvah's, Stag & Does, Festivals, Colleges & Universities

Born and raised in Toronto, her eclectic taste in music can be attributed to the many other places she's lived, including Manchester, England and Lviv Ukraine, a little cultural flavour where some amazing music has been made and played. She's studied flute, piano, voice, art, tennis and even poker. From retro-sounding to bouncing funk belted and whispered, this Toronto gal sounds as if she has the world on her string!

"Andria is a big fan of R&B but unlike so many of her contemporaries, she thankfully doesn't resort to vocal histrionics to impress. Nor does she fancy glossy, overproduced music. In fact, there's a nice retro vibe to some of her songs, and by that I mean her love of classic soul and R&B arrangements really comes through"
Errol Nazareth
CBC Radio's Big City Small World.

"Like Serena Ryder, Alicia Keys, or Little Willie John, Andria Simone has one of those strong, distinctive voices, full of soul and character, that you know you're going to remember the minute you first hear it. Simone's also got the songs, the backing band (led by ace guitarist Adam Beer-Colacino), and the vocal attitude to cement that first impression. Just listen to "Show Me How to Love" or "Nothing Comes Easy" from her debut recording, and you'll know she's a new talent to watch. Did I mention the voice?"
Howard Druckman
Editor, Words + Music magazine

Photograph of Andria Simone

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