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R&B, Soul, Jazz, World Music, Blues

Plays: Wedding Receptions, Corporate Events, Private Parties, Community Events, Festivals, Colleges & Universities

Jennis brings together award-winning Guelph-based Dennis Gaumond’s decades of experience writing and performing original blues and folk and the diverse musical experiences of veteran Toronto indie-scene multi-instrumentalist Jen Gillmor. The unique blend of cello and dobro is also augmented by unusual sounds, such as didgeridoo, custom-tuned harmonicas, flute, wah-guitar, jaw harp and wazinator. Expect a very entertaining performance, filled with energy, passion and humour!

Their rootsy sound is at times bluesy, at times funky, jazzy or folky, with a hint of exotic ethnic influences. Jennis’ music celebrates the mysteries and poignancies of life, rooted in an unapologetic faith in peace and love as the highest powers. Dennis’s compositions, while rooted in blues traditions and inspired by the likes of JJ Cale and Ben Harper, hint at his love of Middle Eastern and African music.

Jen, brought up by a musicologist father, infuses the duo’s sound with her passion for many styles and traditions ranging from rock and reggae to funk, celtic and African music. Her well-worn role as bas guitarist ignites the groove and she cooks it up with a good dose of the “chopping” bow technique from the world of roots fiddling. The duo’s friendship warms up the stage as they draw on their decades of performance experience to engage audiences.

Released in June, 2014, their debut album, The Current, has charted at college radio stations across Canada. Since the album’s release, Jennis has been performing regularly at bars, community centres and private parties around southern Ontario.

Rounding our their original repertoire with covers by great faves such as Aretha Franklin, Bill Whithers, The Temptations, Bob Marley, The Rolling Stones, and some American jazz classics, Jennis skillfully entertains wide-ranging audiences with great energy and warmth.

Photograph of Jennis

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