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Borderline Madness - Nathaniel Rankin

Variety Show, Magician, Circus Artist

Plays: Corporate Events, Private Parties, Community Events, Stag & Does, Festivals, Colleges & Universities

Nathaniel Rankin is an international award-winning magician and circus artist. 15-years in the business has made him a versatile entertainer who has completed numerous national and international tours throughout Europe, North America, Scandinavia, Asia, and South America.

Nathaniel tailors his shows to fit into various venues such as theatres, cruise ships, circuses, colleges, hotels and corporate events. He can perform a variety of different sets from an entertaining 5-minute act to a 45-minute stage show.

Walk Around Magic

Close-up magic, an intimate, enchanting and visual form of entertainment, is perfect for cocktail parties, restaurants, weddings, hotels, or before/after Nathaniel’s stage show. You’ll be delighted when you hear gasps of amazement and laughter as your guests are entertained with 3-7 minute high energy mini shows, consisting of humorous gets of slight-of-hand and mental magic.

Photograph of Borderline Madness - Nathaniel Rankin

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